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Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Head?

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Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis
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It’s the middle of the night, and you’re sound asleep when you feel something soft and warm sleeping on your head. You reach up to pet it, only to realize that it’s your cat! Why does your cat like to sleep on your head? There are a few possible reasons. Read on to learn more about why cats might enjoy sleeping on their human companions’ heads!

6 Reasons Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Head

Sleeping on a person’s head can actually be quite beneficial to felines from a physical and mental standpoint. Now let’s explore the top 6 reasons why cats like to snuggle up with their owners at night by curling up directly on their heads. Understanding these reasons can help both pet owners—and cats—enjoy more peaceful sleep nights!

#1 – They Want To Absorb Your Warmth

Have you ever wondered why your cat insists on sleeping on your head? It turns out cats are naturally drawn to body warmth, and sleeping on a human’s head gives them the greatest access to our warmth. This behavior of sleeping close to us has been observed in cats and other animals for centuries.

Our feline friends have also become very attuned over time to the comfort we can provide. A warm lap, a caress of our hand, and purring away — these things act like a magnet to our furry companions! By taking the extra step into snuggling onto our heads while we sleep, cats are merely wishing for more of what they’ve grown so accustomed – just one more way to absorb all the comforting love their human can offer.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Head?

#2 – They Feel Safe And Secure Next To You

Many cats seek out their owners for companionship and a sense of security when they’re ready to rest or relax. Having a larger being present makes cats feel protected in their vulnerable state, and provides them with peace of mind when it comes time to snooze. Therefore, your cat may be attracted to the warmth that radiates off of your body and the large surface area that is provided by sleeping on top of you.

Still, why does it have to be your head? Well, many cats prefer burrowing down into a nook or cranny when they’re taking a nap – such as at the crook of an arm or between two pillows – so why not use your head as one big cuddle spot? After all, why should humans get to enjoy all the cozy benefits of soft pillows on our heads without letting your favorite furball join in on the fun too?

#3 – They Are Marking You And/or Your Bed As Theirs

Cats are a mysterious species with many hidden characteristics. Not only do they use vocalization to talk amongst each other, but their scent glands also emit secret signals in the form of pheromones! These specialized glands can be found around cats’ heads – from little nooks near its chin and cheeks, all the way up to above their eyes – providing them an extra layer of communication with fellow felines.

Your beloved feline friend may be communicating more than you think! By snuggling up with you and rubbing their face on your pillow, cats are telling everyone that this is “their spot”. It’s like leaving a calling card of sorts to let other creatures know – this place is taken. On top of that, it increases friendly familiarity for the cat as well; marking places they’re comfortable in means reduced anxiety when around humans or animals alike.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Head?

#4 – They Want To Form And Sustain A Bond With You

It might seem strange, but cats often choose the head as their preferred sleeping place because they want to form and sustain a bond with you. When a cat is close to their human family members, it gives them a sense of security, particularly if the person is someone they trust. It’s not only a sign of affection.

Sleeping close in this way also allows them to perpetuate their scent on us, which helps cats feel that we are part of their inner circle. Some cats even enjoy licking our forehead or face for additional reassurance of safe bonding. So next time you find yourself waking up with your furry friend in tow on your forehead or face, be sure to accept the gesture as an act of love and togetherness.

#5 – They Find It Comforting

Many cat owners have certainly asked the question of why their cats seem to love curling up and sleeping on their heads. To put it simply, cats find comfort in the warm, familiar space that they are sharing with you. This behavior is also often seen as a gesture of affection since your cat associates being around you with safety and security. This might be why so many cats show this type of behavior and why some owners find head cuddles to be comforting too.

Spending quality time with you and relaxing together can create lifelong bonding for both parties that’s worth much more than just a few moments of peace and quiet! So next time your furry friend curls up on top of your head, just think to yourself that they’re expressing their love for you…in their own special way.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Head?

#6 – They Do It To Show Their Affection For You

Cats are often misunderstood as distant and independent. Yes, they may like their personal space and to have things done on their terms. But they can also be incredibly affectionate companions.

Head cuddles can be a sign of your cat’s love and loyalty. They may want to show you how much they care by giving you a gentle head massage. This can also be seen as a way of claiming you as part of their family, which is quite sweet!

Reasons Why You Should Not Sleep With Your Cat

Sleeping with your cat might sound like a cute and comfortable idea, but it can be hazardous to both you and the cat’s wellbeing. First of all, cats have parasites that can spread to humans, leading to infection and diseases. Additionally, sleeping with cats can upset their normal routine, making them more prone to stress and illnesses.

Furthermore, if you are allergic to cats, sleeping with them could trigger symptoms such as coughing, congestion, watery eyes and sneezing. Finally, not allowing your cat its own area to rest in when they need it may lead to behaviour problems or anxieties later down the track. All in all, while snuggling on the couch with your favourite companion may be nice occasionally – always make sure they have their own space they can escape to when they choose!


If you have ever wondered why your cat likes to sleep on your head, there are a few possible explanations. One reason may be that they enjoy the warmth of your body heat. Cats also tend to like high places where they can survey their surroundings, and sleeping on your head puts them in a prime spot for napping. Whatever the reason, it is clear that cats enjoy spending time close to their humans – even if it means getting a few extra licks in while they’re at it!

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