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Why Cats Knock Things Over: The Secret Life of Felines

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Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis
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Cats are often known for their playful and curious nature, but one behavior that can drive cat owners crazy is their tendency to knock things over. From vases to knocking over plants, cats seem to have a knack for creating chaos. But why do they do it? Is it just to irritate their owners, or is there a deeper reason behind this behavior?

In this blog, we’ll delve into the reasons why cats knock things over, and what cat owners can do to prevent it. From instinctual hunting behavior to boredom and seeking attention, there are many factors that can contribute to this behavior.

We’ll also provide some tips and tricks for keeping your home and its contents safe from your feline friend’s curious paws. So, whether you’re a seasoned cat owner or just curious about feline behavior, join us on this journey to discover the reasons why cats knock things over.

Top 10 Reasons Why Cats Knock Things Over

While each cat may have its own reasons for knocking things down, there are a few common ones that many cats share. Here are the top 10 most common:

#1 – Playfulness

Cats often enjoy knocking things over as part of their natural play behavior. This behavior is a form of mimicry that mimics hunting, such as stalking and pouncing, which cats engage in while playing. When cats are seen running around and attacking toys or any other objects they can find, they attempt to imitate the predatory behaviors cats exhibit in the wild. As cats knock things over, feather sticks and catnip mice can become prime targets for cats’ playfulness and curiosity. Watching cats in the act of play-hunting can be amusing for pet owners, but it’s important to understand why cats feel compelled and excited to do these instinctive behaviors, even when there may be nothing to hunt or catch.

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over?

#2 – Attention seeking

Cats are known to be independent, but they still crave the love of their humans. As cats rely heavily on non-verbal communication, they can sometimes become frustrated when their human doesn’t understand. One way cats get their owner’s attention is to knock things over as a sign of distress or wanting something from them. This could include wanting to be petted, played with, or just asking for some delicious food! Humans should always remember cats need and crave attention, so understanding what cats really mean when they exhibit certain behaviors is very important in having a healthy relationship with our feline friends.

#3 – Boredom

When cats lack stimulation, they may get bored easily, eventually leading to cats knocking things over. This behavior can be a way for cats to entertain themselves, but becoming destructive when left alone can be frustrating for cat owners. To prevent cats from this sometimes disruptive behavior, owners can invest in some interactive toys or designate playtime with their cats. Catnip plants and scratching posts are also fun for cats and provide them with the exercise and entertainment they need to keep them engaged throughout the day. Keeping cats busy with plenty of stimulation is essential to their health and happiness.

#4 – Hunting instincts

Although cats are usually known for their sleepy demeanor and independent ambivalence, it turns out they have a playful hunting side as well. When cats knock things over, it can be more than just an unruly behavior – cats may be trying to practice their natural prey-hunting skills. That’s right; cats are born with strong hunting instincts, which come alive in the form of harmless stalking and pouncing on unsuspecting objects. The common occurrence of cats knocking items over is actually a way for cats to act out their predatory desires in the most harmless way possible. So next time your little furry friend topples something off the coffee table, you’ll know they’re just trying to express their wild side.

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over?

#5 – Marking territory

It is not uncommon to walk into a room full of cats and knock something over in an attempt to make yourself comfortable. This is usually due to the cats having used their paws as scent glands, marking the objects in order to leave their mark on the area. In this way cats are able to mark their territory, by using their enhanced sense of smell, noticing when something does not belong and using chemical cues to reassure themselves that it does. While we may scratch our heads about cats knocking things over for no reason, it could actually just be part of their innate behavior toward claiming what rightly belongs to them.

#6 – Exploratory behavior

Cats’ natural curiousness drives them to explore their environment, undeniable in their tendency to knock items over. As cats live within a constantly changing landscape of both physical and psychological stimuli, cats may feel the urge to investigate further by pushing things around. This exploratory behavior not only allows cats to learn more about their environment but also acts as an instinctual exercise that harks back to cats’ primitive hunting roots; cats are stimulating themselves with items that may require them to use earlier stalking skills developed over evolutions. Therefore, cats naturally want us to understand more about their surroundings, just like any other curious creature.

#7 – To access high places

Cats are a curious species that never cease to surprise us with their seemingly superhuman ability to climb. Despite cats’ small stature, they are able to effortlessly access places in our home that most humans can only dream of reaching. To cats, it’s all about preparation — after realizing vertical is the way to go, cats will proceed to knock items over without a second thought to essentially create their own personal staircase and gain access to previously unexplored heights. Without cats around, we may never have noticed the potential areas within our own homes that can expand our cats’ curiosity even further!

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over?

#8 – Fear or anxiety

Fear and anxiety can be signified by cats in various ways of expressing distress, such as knocking things over. If cats are uncomfortable in their environment due to unexpected noise or strange visitors, they may become overwhelmed and act out this fear of the unknown. This behavior could also be a way for cats to protect themselves when they feel threatened. It is recommended that if cats find new surroundings intimidating, owners use calming rubs or treats to reduce their cat’s sense of unease so that it can settle into a reassuring routine.

#9 – Testing boundaries

Cats may have a reputation for being aloof, but they are actually quite curious creatures and love to explore their environment. Part of the exploration process is testing boundaries; cats will often push the limits by knocking things over, curious to see if they get away with it. This can be quite frustrating when cats knock over breakable objects or start nosing through your drawers! It’s important to remember that cats are just curious and playful, and try to come up with creative solutions like providing extra scratching posts or other fun toys for them to play with instead.

#10 – Hunting prey

It’s no secret cats are sly predators by nature. When cats spot their prey, a bug or small rodent, for example, they take action to get the job done. While cats hunt their prey strategically and with precision, one of the methods cats use to flush out their prey is by overturning objects that may be sheltering it. As cats employ this technique of knocking over things, they use their agility and warmth of body to thrust and overturn objects in order to capture the helpless critter hiding underneath. It’s quite remarkable how cats display so much cunning in order to catch their tiny lunch!

How to Stop Cats Knocking Things over?

The key to preventing cats from knocking things over is to provide them with plenty of mental and physical stimulation. This will keep your cat occupied and less likely to engage in destructive behavior. Make sure to give your kitty lots of interactive toys, scratching posts, and climbing structures for exercise, as well as puzzle feeders or hide-and-seek toys that will keep them engaged mentally.

Additionally, try to make sure the area where your cat spends most of its time is clutter free and easy to navigate. This will help prevent accidents from occurring as cats are less likely to knock things over if there is nothing to knock over in the first place! Additionally, you can use deterrents such as double-sided tape, aluminum foil, and bitter spray to discourage your cat from exploring off-limits areas.

Finally, be sure to provide plenty of places for your cat to rest. Having a comfortable spot to sleep or hide away helps keep cats relaxed and out of trouble. Try adding cozy beds, perches, cat trees, or even cardboard boxes around the house. This will create a safe, stress-free environment that gives your cat plenty of places to explore without getting into trouble.

By following these tips, you can help keep accidents at bay while giving your feline friend the safe and secure home they deserve! With some patience and dedication, you can make sure your cat stays out of trouble and remains a beloved member of the family.


Though often unwanted and viewed as destructive, there are several reasons your cat may be knocking things over. The next time you see your cat engage in this behavior, think about what might be motivating them and take steps to redirect their attention or prevent access to the object altogether. With a little understanding and patience, you can help your feline friend curb their undesirable habits and enjoy a happy life together.

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