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Can Cats Really Sense Pregnancy? The Science Behind It

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There’s an old wives’ tale that pregnant women should be careful around cats, because the animals can sense when a woman is with child. But is there any truth to this claim? Or is it simply a superstition? In this article, we will explore the science behind whether or not cats can sense pregnancy. We’ll also discuss some of the anecdotal evidence that exists on this topic. So, can cats really sense pregnancy? The answer may surprise you!

Changes In Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a huge life change for many women as their bodies shift and transform to accommodate the growing life inside them. In fact, cats are said to be able to sense when a woman is pregnant! They’re believed to have an extra sense that allows them to detect the sudden hormonal changes that occur in women during pregnancy – they act differently around expectant mothers even before anyone else knows about the pregnancy.

While cats may be able to sense it, women themselves will also go through various physical and mental changes throughout their pregnancy with each trimester bringing its own set of adjustments. It’s important for all soon-to-be mothers or partners of soon-to-be mothers to understand and accept this transition, so they can better prepare themselves emotionally and physically as they become parents.

Can Cats Really Sense Pregnancy? The Science Behind It

Can Cats Hear The Baby’s Heartbeat?

Is your beloved pet able to sense when you’re about to be a parent? The answer is yes and no. While cats cannot detect a baby’s heartbeat, they may be able to pick up on subtle physiological changes that are associated with pregnancy. Through these changes, owners often report their pets behaving differently around pregnant women; some felines may become more affectionate or clingy, while others may act out of character by becoming increasingly distant and aloof.

Additionally, animals with heightened senses may even recognize a baby’s arrival due to the unique smell it brings. So, although cats don’t have an advanced sense of ultrasound detection like dolphins and bats do, their high level of sensory acuity can help them identify physical changes in their owners—perhaps cueing them in on the pending arrival of a new addition to the family!

Emotional Changes That Cats Can Sense

It is often said that cats have a sixth sense – the ability to sense when things are going wrong. Scientists attribute this uncanny power of emotional detection to cats’ acute senses and their instinct for survival. There have been several studies conducted on this phenomenon, with results showing that cats can indeed sense when their owners experience strong emotions such as fear or anger, detecting even subtle physical changes in their body language.

They can also detect distress signals emitted by other animals around them, such as those of a frightened rodent or injured cat. While emotional cues don’t appear to evoke an effect on cats themselves, they do act as a warning sign, prompting cats to flee or prepare for fight or flight. Understanding these instincts can help further not only explain how cats understand and interact with people, but also provide insight into caring for them better.

Can Cats Really Sense Pregnancy? The Science Behind It

Household Changes That Might Affect Your Cat

Moving to a new home can be a stressful time for your cat. Even when the move is in the same neighborhood, cats are sensitive to environmental changes and can experience anxiety when facing unexpected situations. It’s important to take the necessary steps for your cat’s well-being during a transition.

Keeping food and water bowls, along with bedding, toys and other familiar items in the same place makes it easier for them to adjust. This will recognize their preferences and allow them to feel comfortable in their changed environment. Taking some of your old furniture from home or bringing objects with familiar smells can also help during the transition process. It is essential that you spend quality time with your feline friend and devote attention to them throughout this adjustment period so that they know they have not been forgotten in the midst of change.

How To Reduce Stress For Your Cat?

Reducing stress for your cat can take some creativity, but is well worth the effort. Providing plenty of stimulation through a variety of toys, scratching posts and hideaways will help keep your cat from getting bored. Having multiple cats in one household can be tricky; if that’s the case for you, put out several food and water bowls to minimize competition at mealtimes.

Give your kitty plenty of extra attention by playing interactive games like fetch or chasing lasers, and provide plenty of petting sessions; cats love being brushed just as much as they love having their heads scratched! Last but not least, creating a calm atmosphere at home by finding ways to reduce noise levels and introducing scents that mimic natural feline pheromones will help soothe any anxious cats in the house.

How To Introduce Cats And Babies?

Introducing cats and babies can be an exciting, yet delicate process. To ensure that both the baby and kitty are safe and comfortable with each other, it is best to begin slowly by introducing familiar scents of the two. Start by rubbing a towel on the cat’s favorite spot and then place it close to where the baby will be spending their time. Doing this reinforces a sense of comfort with the baby’s presence.

As the baby grows older, it is important to continuously provide them with gentle guidance on how to safely interact with a cat, such as not pulling on fur or chasing them around in excitement. With patience and ample supervision, cats and babies can learn to share a loving relationship for many years!


From research done it does appear that cats can sense pregnancy, though we cannot be percent certain. What we do know is that there are a number of changes that occur in a pregnant woman’s body that could potentially explain why her cat behaves differently around her. If you think your cat may be acting oddly and you happen to be pregnant, it very well could be that he or she can sense the changes in your body. Have you noticed your cat behaving differently around you since becoming pregnant? Let us know in the comments below!

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