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10 Things Women Notice First In A Man

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There are many things that women notice about men when they first meet them. Some of these things are physical, while others are personality-related. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the most common things that women notice in men. Keep these tips in mind when you are meeting someone new, and you will be sure to make a good impression!

#1 – Physical Appearance and Grooming

When a woman meets a man, things like his physical appearance, clothes, and overall grooming can be the first things she notices. Good hygiene is important in creating a good impression because it shows that the person cares about himself and how others perceive him. A well-kept wardrobe adds to this as it demonstrates an effort to look formal and attractive – whether it’s for work or social events, looking your best is sure to put you at an advantage with the ladies! Grooming smartly shows that you take pride in your appearance, from trimming facial hair in moderation to ensuring fresh breath through regular brushing and smiling with confidence. All these things go together towards making a man more attractive to women.

#2 – Confidence

Confidence is a trait that many women find attractive in men. It’s a greater force than physical features, things like a fantastic head of hair or nice arms. Women are generally drawn to men who have the inner confidence and self-assuredness that they need to succeed and be proud of what they’ve achieved. It’s almost like things that women notice first about a man if he has the presence of true confidence, no matter how subtle it may be. That nonverbal communication can be enough for a woman to discern whether this man with whom she could potentially establish a relationship truly has what it takes to make things happen and take things on when times get tough. In other words, men with high levels of confidence have an edge in connecting with potential partners!

#3 – Sense of Humor

Before anything else, a sharp sense of humor is one of the things that women tend to notice first in a man. In fact, many ladies consider a man’s wit to be an attractive quality; being able to make her laugh and put her at ease can make for a wonderfully playful and enjoyable connection. Having a good sense of humor can easily set him apart from every other guy out there – it makes any interaction more pleasant, from dates to friendly gatherings. Therefore, when it comes to grabbing the attention of that special lady, having an enjoyable personality with a great sense of humor will work in his favor.

10 Things Women Notice First In A Man

#4 – Intelligence

Women take quite a lot into consideration when looking for a long-term partner. The things they notice first in a man are things like his intelligence and how well-informed he is. Women generally want someone who can hold an interesting conversation, or be able to talk knowledgeably on many topics. They also want someone capable of problem-solving, who can think things through logically, and be good at resolving any issues that arise. Intelligence matters, especially in the long run. Men who are intelligent and well-informed have an added edge over others because women not only find them more attractive but things like conversations, problem-solving, decision making, etc all become easier with a higher level of intelligence. So men should make sure they stay informed and continue improving their intellect if they wish to gain the admiration of the fairer sex.

#5 – Body Language

Women often use body language as a nonverbal cue to tell things about a man. From subtle movements to prominent postures, things like eye contact and the crossing of arms can make all the difference when first meeting a man. Women are experts in taking in things like facial expressions and even energy emitted from someone before they speak with them. These things may be small things such as the way he responds to being touched or even his reactions when surprising things happen. All of these cues can give away so much about a man’s character and could be critical for women to notice before making judgments on him.

10 Things Women Notice First In A Man

#6 – Style

Women can often tell a lot about a man’s style through things that may otherwise be overlooked. From subtle hints such as unique accessories like a style quality watch to bolder pieces like statement jackets, things women notice first in a man are always the things that will make or break their initial impression of him. A carefully curated wardrobe shows that a man is attentive to detail and mindful of his personal aesthetic, which can lead to an overall favorable impression. Even the little things, such as mismatched socks or a crocked tie can have an impact on someone’s opinion of him, so investing in style choices wisely will always be beneficial in the long run.

#7 – Voice

A man’s voice can be one of the things women notice first when they meet a man, and it is often a major factor in whether they are attracted to him or not. The sound of a man’s voice has been shown to affect things like perceptions of dominance and leadership qualities, two things that many women find attractive. In addition, there are certain things that contribute positively to how a man sounds – things like clarity and depth within his intonation. If a man takes care to project confidence and strength in his speech, he will stand out among the rest and make an impression on women. Therefore, having an engaging voice can be a great tool for attracting female attention and making positive connections.

#8 – Social Skills

From things like picking up on social cues to having the ability to make meaningful connections, women notice these things first in a man. Showing good social skills sets a man apart from the crowd and makes him stand out in a positive way. Not only can it make him appear more confident but also make him seem more attractive. A man who is good at socializing is likely to have closer relationships with friends and family, thus giving the impression of stability and security. Good social skills also give a man a better chance at success both professionally and personally, as networking can help open many doors that would otherwise remain closed. Women are well aware of these connections and find comfort in knowing their partner has the ability to connect with others on many levels.

#9 – Emotional Intelligence

Women appreciate things that men may not consider when evaluating a potential partner. Besides obvious things like physical appearance, things such as intelligence and confidence, women tend to be attracted to emotionally intelligent men. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to manage one’s own emotions as well as respond in an understanding manner to the feelings of those around you. This does not necessarily mean simply being nice or agreeable; rather, it is about having an awareness of what emotions are present in any given situation and being able to respond thoughtfully and proportionately. Women appreciate these traits because it shows that a man can empathize with their experiences and create an atmosphere of respect and understanding within the relationship.

10 Things Women Notice First In A Man

#10 – Ambition

Women often look for a partner who is motivated and determined in their goals. Ambition is one quality that many women seek out in potential partners. This doesn’t mean they are expecting all men to have their lives completely figured out, but things like having a career plan or expressing a desire to reach certain milestones can often be things that women notice first in a man. It also reflects an ability to pursue things with dedication and passion which makes them more attractive than those without any ambition. Ultimately, being ambitious speaks volumes about a man’s character, making it easier for women to form meaningful connections with someone who puts effort towards achieving things in life.


All of the above points are important for men to remember if they want to make a great first impression on women. Women tend to notice these things about men before anything else, so it’s important that guys take the time to groom themselves and be aware of their body language when meeting someone new. With just a little bit of extra effort, any guy can easily stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. So next time you’re getting ready for a date or an event, keep these 10 things in mind and you’ll be sure to wow any woman you meet!

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